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Unit Description



GP Self Storage

Amount Owing

$81.00/Month (Includes GST)
$405.00/6 Months (includes GST)

$810.00/12 Months (includes GST)t every site.

Try Storage Ltd. 

GP Self Storage is managed and owned by Try Storage LTD. almost every site.



Please fill out all personal information. 


Warning: It is YOUR responsibility to notify Try Storage in email of any change in your contact information.  Failure to do so may result in an order or judgment being issued against you, without your knowledge. 

After you complete the rental agreement, you will receive an automated welcome email giving you instructions on how to move in. 


Try Storage does not provide any insurance for customers.  You are responsible for obtaining your own insurance.  Try Storage is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for property damage or bodily injury, on or off the premises.


Please note that there is a $50.00 deposit to begin any contract with Try Storage.  The sum of one month's rent and the $50.00 deposit are due upon completion of this form.  The deposit may be refunded once you have vacated, your unit has been checked for cleanliness and a photo of the vacated unit has been emailed to [email protected].  Try Storage retains the right to deny, any and all, refunds without disclosing an explanation or documentation.

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